“Edgy” is an adjective that connotes savvy, trendy, pushing the envelope. Living on the cusp of change can be wonderful or terrifying. Planning worship services that are creative, current, and powerful is a challenge for any pastor or worship team. How do you balance relevancy with reverence? What are the immutable constants that must exist to be God-honoring? What are the service elements that relate to the up and coming generation? Are music styles negotiable? How do you keep the faithful servants who financially support the church and still reach the seekers who need the church? Navigating the waters of change can make or break a pastor. Part of the reality is that some long-time Christians have a consumer mentality: “Give me what I want or I’ll go somewhere else.” Other faithful Christ-servants say “Let’s reach the unchurched masses at any price.” But can you lead a consumer to be a passionate evangelist? 

The most important step is vision-casting: intentionally placing the goal of reaching seekers with the gospel as a constant focus. If the pastor does not have the passion, the people will not catch it. Secondly, re-focusing a church is all about pacing. Change is often painful and stressful. Recognizing the amount of change a congregation can endure at any given time is invaluable. And finally, helping long-time Christians to leave the safe haven of the church walls and letting them see the needs of the hurting outside the walls of the church is indispensable. At the same time, the unmistakable presence of God is the greatest draw for anyone. “If the Son of Man is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself.” John 12:32 

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