While video games don’t often get a good reputation when it comes to child-friendly use, recent advancements have given rise to educationally-based games for children. In fact, many schools are integrating educational video game technology in the classroom.

Gaming systems have evolved just as much as other technologies, whether it’s the Wii console that gets kids off the couch while they play or the handheld gaming devices that allow for gaming on-the-go. The latest gaming system that seems to have everyone talking is the Nintendo 2DS. The October 12 release date has been greatly anticipated because of the exciting new features and the affordable price ($129.99).

The actual layout design of the Nintendo 2DS has been changed to gear toward a younger audience and especially toward children new to portable gaming systems. While previous models had a clamshell design, the new Nintendo 2DS has a slate design free of any hinges. The corners of the design are rounded for a more child-friendly design. 

The thicker format of the actual device is easier to handle by small hands and the price point is $40 less than the Nintendo 3DS. There are also two soft carrying cases to choose from in either blue or red, which adds to the sturdiness of the design. This can give the device added protection against accidental drops. The coordinating carrying cases also have a minimal price of only $12.99 each.

While the device doesn’t have the 3D capabilities of its pricier 3DS version, that doesn’t mean that gamers will miss out on playing all their 3DS games. The Nintendo 2DS is compatible with all 3DS games without the actual 3D effects. It can also play older games designed for the existing Nintendo DS games. While other gaming devices and tablets seem to have a limited selection in uses and functions, the Nintendo 2DS allows for a huge library selection and multifunction use.

The Nintendo 2DS comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for online play, multiplayer gaming and access to the Nintendo eShop for downloadable games and content. While children will love all the fun gameplay options, parents will love the built-in parental control features and the affordable price. The $129.99 retail price for the new Nintendo 2DS offers a less expensive alternative to the standard tablet.

The October 12th debut date coordinates with the release of the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games set to release the same day. These games are also geared toward a younger age group and help to stimulate creativity and imagination in young minds.

Parents will love the functionality of this affordable and portable device, whether it’s for those long car rides or just keeping the kids occupied while parents grocery shop. 

While it can be difficult in these economic times to keep up with the latest technology for kids, the Nintendo 2DS keeps families and their budgets in mind.

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