Easy Tips to Get Organized for Back-To-School

Getting organized for back-to-school time can be a lot of fun. It can also be quite hectic if there is no plan. Here are some ideas to help you get your children started in an efficient, organized and effective way.

The Importance of Communication

During the summer months, communication with children tends to stray somewhat. Now that school is starting, it’s time to reconnect. You can get things off the right start by reinstituting a school time schedule, especially at night, before the first day of school.

Each night spend some time with your children, individually if possible, to let them know that God and their parents are with them each day they spend in school. Let them know there will be challenges, new friends, routines and subjects, but you’re sure that they will do their best because of support from the family. What is most important is that your children learn, at as early an age as possible, that they always have someone to talk to. If at first they are not with a parent, they can have a conversation with God.

In the week preceding the start of school, set up a school communication center. It can be as simple as a large cork board on which each child has a section. Notes on things to remember, and devotion for the day, should be seen by each child as they head out on their way to school. In this area, each child should have a box, with top, in which to keep school things they take each day, to and from school. This helps the children stay organized because it keeps school papers and homework assignments organized and ready to be done. This helps mom and dad ensure that work required for school gets started in time to get a good job done.

Calendar for the Family

Near the school communication center, should be an extensive family calendar. This should cover at least the current and next month. All plans, events, extracurricular activities and notes about deliveries, pickups and commitments of the family should be posted on this calendar.

Schedule Dinner Time for the Entire Family Together

Too many families fail to have their evening meal together. This is a mistake because at this family time in the evening is when everyone should have a chance to talk about their day. This allows the parents to gauge how each child is adjusting to the new school year. Often situations are noticed about which a child is hesitant to speak. Later when it’s bed time, parents can discuss the any situation with their child. During all the times of conversation, be it morning, noon or night, make sure that God is in the conversation.

Your child needs to know that God is always with them, even if the parent cannot be there. But your child also needs to learn self-reliance, based on Christian fundamentals, and how they are raised at home. Your job is to help your child understand that each challenge they will face is a crossroad with decisions for them, as individuals, to make. They must be prepared, even to look forward, to the challenges of each day.

Set an Example in Faith and Lifestyle

As parents you are starting out right be setting a proper lifestyle example. If your children see God in your life and in your conversations, it will become a natural thing for God’s presence to feel right in their life. This will provide them strength to recognize the daily challenges they may face and make the right decisions.

Helping your child to be organized physically in preparation each day is important. This preparation, physically, mentally and spiritually, will allow them to be more confident in their abilities to face each day’s challenges as they head off for school.

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