If I don’t forgive my friend until I feel like forgiving … I’ll never forgive.

If I am not kind to my neighbor until I feel like being kind … I’ll never be kind.

If I don’t pray for the lost until I feel like praying … I’ll never pray.

If I don’t work hard at my job until I feel like being diligent … I’ll never be diligent.

If I don’t serve at church until I feel like serving … I’ll never serve.

If I don’t reach out to those who are different from me until I feel like reaching out … I’ll never reach out.

If I’m not patient with my kids until I feel like being patient … I’ll never be patient.

We live in a culture that tells us to follow our hearts. The Lord says, “Obey and your heart will follow.”

The glory of the Gospel is that God gives us the power to do what we don’t feel like doing. When it comes to following the Lord, more often than not, feelings follow obedience.

Don’t follow your heart. Don’t wait until you feel like doing it. By the power of the Spirit, obey God and trust that feelings will follow.

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