What makes this such a blessed and successful story is due in part to our histories of heartache. Both Doni and I are over 60+ years “young” and have been married several times each. When our last marriages ended, each of us gave up hope that happiness and love actually existed in marriage.  However, we both decided to give love one last shot and joined ChristianMingle, respectively.  I was on the site for a few months longer than she but still didn’t find anyone who I wanted to date seriously. 

Doni had just joined and saw my profile almost at once.  Knowing she had a winner, she signed up for a short period just to find out more about me.  We did the quick intros which turned into chatting, phone calls, and eventually a meeting. Through the dating process and the various events we went on- trips, and dinners, allowed our relationship to grow and grow. 

We both had one basic ingredient that had brought us together: our love and faith in God.  Through our dating, we remained faithful and allowed Him to bring our relationship to a positive and everlasting love.  Last Friday, in the prayer garden of the church we both attend, I went the next step and asked Doni to marry me, which of course, she agreed to.  In a few months, our engagement will end and we will have a new future which will begin with our wedding and extend to another chapter in both of our lives.

Without ChristianMingle, and especially without God, this entire new life would probably never have occurred.  Thank you all and may God bless each and every one of you!

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