When I was in high school, at every prep rally right before a big football game, our whole school would recite a motivation creed to get the whole school pumped up.

The creed went something like this:

I am somebody

I will strive

I will persevere

and I will win

because I am somebody

Now the whole entire school and staff would get up from their seats, chant these lines from the top of their lungs and transform themselves into a hype machine filled with energy.  It was an amazing spectacle at my school because if you were rebelling and didn’t wish to stand you were easily spotted and casted out.  I would have to say that not many if any were left sitting down not joining in the big chant.

Self Preparation

Now we all know about pep talks and self mood lifts that will help you prepare for the rest of the day, mainly known from the great mentor Tony Robbins.

Self preparation is nothing new and is often overlooked in incorporating into your daily routine or right before a big major event.  The reason for a creed or a pep talk is to get you mentally prepared for the challenges that awaits for you for the rest of the day.  You never want to do anything without being first prepared for something.  Just like you would never take a test without studying first the same should be looked at when going into a big event or even on a daily basis to overcome daily challenges.

Once you coach yourself to success then you will manifest success from your thoughts to reality.  Get into the habit of practicing this often.  If you believe then you will achieve.  Start believing.

Champion’s Creed

One of the greatest creeds out there is a from a three-time Olympian named Ruben Gonzalez.  He developed a Champion Creed used by many athletes, survivors (abuse, cancer etc), students and many more that uses the creed as a crutch into manifesting their hopes and dreams into reality.

Develop your own Champion Creed that is more tailored to your niche and start incorporating it into your schedule.

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