If you find yourself in a tough relationship, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing: No person can fulfill you 100%.  It’s simply impossible. You’ve got to get right with God first before you can get right for anyone else. You just do.

Joyce Meyers knows a thing or two about relationship issues and depression. She spent the first 20 years of her marriage complaining, crying and moaning. It wasn’t until she placed her faith in God, not her husband, that she’d be able to find contentment and joy.

Word to those who are really struggling: There is NOTHING wrong with getting medical help for depression. If you’re sad, scared, and don’t think you can cope without it, get some help. It just might save your marriage. If you are single, it might just keep you strong enough and sane enough to wait around for the right man for you – not the one that will “fix” your issues. YOU get to do that.

Free Help for Depression: You might consider this 12-Step Program: Emotions Anonymous. It could be just the ticket you need to surrender your anxiety and depression over and finally get serenity.

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