So you want to lose weight and feel healthy again, but haven’t been able to do it with much success? Looking for a way to supplement all that hard work at the gym? Hate trying to stick to a specific diet? Why not try a diet or nutritional shake instead? 

There are a wide variety of shakes on the market, and each one receives varying reviews. We’ve found the top sellers and best-reviewed shakes out there to help you make a decision on which to try. 

Slim Fast

This is Amazon’s number one best seller in its Shakes and Powders Weight Loss section, and for good reason. The Slim Fast box boasts of “a simple and clinically proven way to lose weight now” in three simple steps: every day eat three nourishing snacks, two shakes or meal bars, and one balanced 500-calorie meal.

Follow that formula and you may be like many others who have seen results. Purchase the Slim Fast Chocolate Royale Shake Mix Powder (a 31-ounce box is only $17 on Amazon) and create your shake to your liking – add as much milk and ice as you like to add to the taste and thickness.


Ensure is another popular brand that is more of a nutritional shake than a diet drink. Ensure helps you to grow stronger on the inside so that you can work on the outside at your own pace. These shakes are doctor-recommended and include beneficial vitamins and nutrients that will leave you feeling renewed.

Ensure is often used by individuals who have stomach issues or who have been instructed by their doctors to drink Ensure instead of eating a snack or heavier meal. Reviews note that the shake has a great taste and has helped some to keep weight off. A 16-count pack of 8-ounce milk chocolate Ensure bottles costs about $20 on Amazon.


Shakeology has recently shaken up the market with its claim to being “the healthiest nutritional shake” that offers a variety of flavors including vanilla, tropical strawberry, chocolate, and greenberry. The herbs, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other ingredients can help users “lose weight, reduce junk food cravings, increase your energy, and improve your digestion and regularity.”

However, one box of 12 single-serve packets of the shake is sold online for $130. While this is not a cheap drink, reviews suggest that Shakeology is one of the best out there and well worth your money. Especially if combined with healthy exercise and additional meal choices, you may be happy with the results.


IdealShakes are meal replacement shakes created by the company IdealShape. Twenty-one essential vitamins and minerals are combined in these shakes to create one nutritional, gluten-free drink. One of the ingredients the shake boasts is a protein called “Slendesta,” which is supposed to curb your hunger naturally – something none of the other big diet shakes have.

Like Shakeology, the retail price is $130, but it seems you may get more bang for your buck with this price - a 90-day supply of shakes, a free blender bottle, IdealShape for Life book, and one month of ReservaShape supplement is all included.


This shake mix has received varied reviews, but for the most part, people seem happy with it. It is the third best-selling mix on Amazon right now, and reviewers say they lost a lot of weight because of it.

However, one of the main criticisms of the mix is that it doesn’t have a great taste if only used with water or milk – it should be combined instead with fruit, pudding, syrup, or spices to make it tastier. HerbaLife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, in a 750-gram container, sells for about $33 on Amazon. It does have different flavors, including French Vanilla, Cafe Latte, Wild Berry, and Cookies and Cream. 

No matter what diet or nutritional shake mix you choose, always do your research beforehand. It may be best to consult a doctor or nutrition coach to talk about your options. 

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