Parenting is a journey, complete with ups and downs. Some parents, however, find their children slipping away further and further through the years.

Are your children growing apart from you? Here are a few ways you could end up slowly destroying the relationship with your children, and how to prevent that from happening.

1. Break Down Trust

Are you the type of parent that finds yourself lying to your children? One way to pull at the thread of trust is to simply lie to or about your child, even if it’s what society deems a white lie. Lies both big and small hurt will hurt your children, and can cause them to pull away as their trust in you recedes.

2. Overreact To Tough Situations

Do you think your daughter or son disrespected you? Are you disappointed in their actions? Are you finding yourself making it a big deal, spreading rumors and blazing the fire, instead of trying to calmly make peace and settle the matter? If this is a recurring pattern, odds are, as your children grow older, they won’t want to linger too long around constantly toxic and negative vibes. Children make mistakes, and it’s your job to correct them calmly and assertively – not to create unnecessary drama.

3. Succumb To Old Habits

What bad behaviors have your demonstrated around your children? Whether it’s a hot temper, abrasive behavior or even alcohol abuse, these actions can cause problems growing up for your children and create more than a few ill memories. Strive to be your best self not only for your sake, but for your children’s sake.

4. Be Quick To Anger

If you’re constantly bickering or getting angry at them for no reason, this is a huge deal. If you all of a sudden get angry at your children not because of anything they did, but because of your own actions or emotions, be prepared for them to want to stay away from these kind of occurrences. It’s also a good idea to not drag your other children into matters that don’t concern them. They can be exhausting to the soul, and gives your children unnecessary burdens to bear.

5. Refuse To Accept Their Partner

Always know that your married child will always choose their husband or wife first. It’s no longer the parents who are a priority, though the love is the same. Don’t fully expect to have a relationship with your child if you don’t desire to have a relationship with their spouse. The reality is that you may lose your child if you don’t show that same love to their spouse.

I know parenting is hard, it’s one of the hardest things on earth. But to love? Loving our children should be as easy as breathing, right? It should be, but I know many parents may fail at it time and time again. Don’t lose hope. More importantly, if you truly desire a healthy and genuine relationship with your child, refrain from doing the above things and always choose love. You won’t regret it, but you will regret losing your children.

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