Delois and I found each other on ChristianMingle in June of 2012. It started with a simple smile and quickly grew into a caring relationship. We spent every morning, afternoon, and evening talking on the phone or emailing one another. Delois lived in Indiana and I live in Las Vegas, approximately 1,800 miles away but the distance couldn’t keep us apart. In October of 2012, Delois flew to Las Vegas. When we saw each other, it was like a lightning bolt hit us! We spent an amazing four days together.

I have two boys who were immediately drawn to this beautiful, caring, and loving woman. I can only thank God and acknowledge that he had used ChristianMingle to bring us together. On a trip to Mt. Charleston later in the week, I proposed to Delois and she accepted. Our relationship prospered because we were both totally honest with each other and our desire to honor God was first and foremost in our minds.

On November 13, 2012, Delois and her four children made an epic journey from Evansville, Indiana to Las Vegas, Nevada. Non-stop driving and forty hours later, my love arrived. On November 15, 2012, Delois and I were married!

Our family is now complete thanks to God and ChristianMingle. The joy of a Christian relationship and marriage is beyond my ability to articulate. Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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