We met on ChristianMingle during the summer of 2015. We were both new to the site and after going through all the commercial sites and wasting money, we were hesitant to pay the membership fee. But it was well worth it! We decided to give ChristianMingle a try but after the first month, we were both about to give up.

Then one day, David scrolled down to see who was on the online chat and saw what he described “a smile that captured his heart.” We both looked at each other’s profiles and messaged one another and complimented each other on one another’s smiles. After paragraphs of long conversations about our values, love for God, our children, hobbies and the future, we looked at the distance between each other and said, “Yikes!” David replied in slight disappointment, “I’m going to give you my number; if you would like to utilize it, then you can.” Delita gave him her number as well. The next day, David called Delita and after hours of tear-jerking laughs and just a sense of comfort, David said he was coming to New Jersey that week. Delita doubted him every day until he came and from that moment on, there was no more looking back.

After many fun dates, hours in the airport, road trips and getting acclimated with one another’s children and families, we knew that we had accomplished what life wanted but not ultimately what God intended. Since the first day, we had a plan and that was to live a life together of love and happiness and ultimately keep God in the center of our lives.

David proposed to Delita in December 2015. We believe that throughout all of the unforeseen circumstances, God’s overall plan was meticulously designed. He strengthened us both for each other and gave us what we never thought would be “a second chance.” He restored grace and favor to our lives and, with the help of ChristianMingle bringing us to together, we will be having a summer 2016 wedding!

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