I signed up for ChristianMingle in July of 2012. With little success and my account expiring, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to use up the last few days of my account, but was not planning on renewing my membership. On December 26, 2012, I saw Jordan’s profile and it caught my eye. I clicked on it and after reading it through; I figured we wouldn’t be a match! I closed it and kept looking. Not too long after, Jordan noticed that I had viewed his profile and sent me an email introducing himself. Something about him intrigued me, so I sent a reply. Soon after we began communicating, Jordan asked me out to coffee. We met about a week later on January 4, 2013; the very day my ChristianMingle account expired. Jordan was so sweet and charming, and I was instantly attracted to this sweet man who could not seem to stop talking! Ever since, Jordan has captured my heart and made me smile with every thought of him. I am so thankful God brought us together! On November 1, 2013, I had a pretty good feeling Jordan was going to propose the weekend before my birthday (mostly because he had said he would propose before my birthday)! His parents were so sweet to host a small birthday party at their house for me, and we had planned to spend part of our weekend with them in Colorado Springs. I was so expectant that I got my nails done! However, as soon as Jordan picked me up, I had a feeling that nothing was up his sleeve because he seemed so calm, cool and collected. I convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen that night, but hoped it would happen the next day. While he did get a suspicious phone call from his brother on our way to his parent’s house, I still was clueless, and Jordan told me he was just asking about my birthday present. 

We got to his parents and had a lovely evening filled with dinner, cake and presents. After everyone said goodnight, I went up to the guest room where I was staying and Jordan came in to say goodnight. Little did I know, at some point during the night, he had snuck in and placed my ring inside an envelope and placed it inside the pillowcase. He hoped I would lay right on the envelope and pull it out, but instead I laid down in the middle of the bed. Jordan said something like, “um you should dream about what I’m going to get you for your birthday,” to which I replied, “uh….ok.” He then proceeded to tell me I should move my head and placed it right on the center of the pillow where my ring was waiting.

Of course, I heard something and pulled out the envelope. Before even opening it, I saw the outline of the ring inside and knew what was happening! I was so excited that I could barely get the envelope open. When I did, the ring fell out and I just smiled. Jordan encouraged me to read the letter he had written, which described his confidence in God placing us together and his desire to marry me. When I was done reading, he asked me to marry him! I, of course, said yes! We are excited to celebrate the joining of our lives together on March 22, 2014!

ChristianMingle worked for us because we continued look, even if we didn’t immediately meet the right person. We also had a balance of not taking the process too seriously, while still making an effort to get to know people who sparked our interest. Jordan went on 24 first dates! 

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