Deborah’s brief history:

A divorce ended my 28-year marriage. It was abundantly clear that my choice simply did not work. It was at this very low time of my life that I decided to put my life into God’s loving hands and asked Him to do His will. It did not matter to me what direction He chose, but I asked for a clear sign. The sign I asked for, that only God could give, was blue roses. This was something I had never shared with anyone before.

With no desire for a social life, my sister decided she would open a bed and breakfast, and she asked me to manage it. This meant moving from The Villages in central Florida to southeastern Pennsylvania. To appease my sister, I signed up with ChristianMingle, and my niece was kind enough to upload a recent picture of me that she had taken.

Robert’s brief history:

I was married to the love of my life, Faye, for 27 years. It unfortunately ended when she lost her life after a lengthy battle with cancer in the summer of 2011. In late 2011, I joined an online dating site. This service introduced me to some 30 women, but none ever met my criteria for a loving companion. I then joined ChristianMingle, and as they say, the rest is history.

I had searched the ChristianMingle web site for several months, when Deborah’s picture appeared in June 2012. We “chatted” online for several days, then I asked her to call me. She replied that her “mother would roll over in her grave” if she called me, so I made the call. Discovering she only lived about two hours away, we decided to meet. I scheduled myself for a preview of The Villages.

We hit it off right away. Deborah was gracious enough to show me around the area. We dined in several of the country club restaurants and attended several dance classes. She also helped me with a complete “make-over.” It had been many years since I had been on anything like a date, and I really needed a “new look.” What a great week we had together.

Deborah: After that wonderful week, Robert returned to Jacksonville. I never really expected to see or hear from him again. A week later, I was tired after greeting at the morning church services and walking my little Border Collie, Dixie. I sat down to relax and read the newspaper. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door to the largest bouquet of blue roses I had ever seen. Hiding behind them, to my great surprise, was Robert!

God was working His miracles through ChristianMingle to bring us together. We celebrated our first anniversary this October. It is better than either one of us could ever imagine!
As it turned out, we repeatedly crossed paths throughout our lives. God and ChristianMingle finally brought us together.

Deborah: I can never express enough appreciation and gratitude for God’s work in our lives. No matter how many days Robert and I spend together here on this earth, it will never be enough.
Thank you ChristianMingle!!! It really works!!!!

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