Nick’s account of how we met:

We both signed onto ChristianMingle on or about the same day in June 2011. We met online and engaged in several chats, then a couple of phone calls, and soon agreed to meet face-to-face in Longmont, CO.

I rode my Harley up from Colorado Springs on Friday, July 1, 2011 and we met downtown at Ziggi’s Coffee Shop. From there we went up to Estes Park on the bike (she loves to ride!) and walked around town and along the river. We briefly rested on a park bench next to the river and had our first kiss. Then we went and had pizza and talked until nearly dark.

After returning to Longmont, we talked for a long time and she asked if I could stay overnight (on the couch, of course) and accompany her to a funeral the next morning in Loveland. A friend of hers had an infant niece who had tragically suffocated at her daycare earlier in the week. I agreed and after the touching funeral celebration, we spent the rest of day together again.

After another night on the couch, I returned to my home in Colorado Springs.  She came down to visit me the following weekend. I quickly purchased new sheets, blankets, and pillows for the foldout couch for her visit. After dinner, I tucked her in and told her, “If you need anything, I’m just down the hall.”

Upon returning to my room, I knelt down at my bed in the dark and said my prayers, thanking God for such a blessing. In a few moments, without making a sound, she entered my room, knelt beside me, took my hand and we prayed aloud for several minutes. It was in that moment that I knew we were meant to be together.

We had several meetings over that summer, and soon I couldn’t bear being away from her. I quickly fell in love with everything about her. I arranged to have my marriage proposal staged on the BIG SCREEN at Coors Field during “Faith Day” at the Rockies on August 20, 2011. Debbie gave me tickets for my birthday (7/7). She had previously purchased them through her church.

On August 17th, the Wednesday before the game, she told me, “We’re going to be sitting next to my pastor and his wife on Saturday, so please don’t do anything to embarrass me!” At first, I thought she was kidding, but she was very serious! I couldn’t go through with the BIG SCREEN proposal, so with ring in hand, I went down on one knee and immediately proposed right there in her living room.

We were married in the beautiful gardens outside the Callahan House in Longmont on September 18, 2011. We just celebrated our 173rd week anniversary. With Debbie and I, every day is an anniversary. We are truly blessed and thank God (and ChristianMingle) for bringing us together.


Debbie’s account of how we met:

Yeah, what he said…I agree with everything. I, too, fell quickly in love and thank the Lord for everything.

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