“The day I marry you is when you will begin to see just how much I have loved you, even before I knew your name – and it all begins with a hand-written letter.”

Have you considered writing letters to your future spouse? One may call them love letters, but there is something very profound in this act, as it involves both faith and a certain way of prayer and dedication that is both endearing and God-honoring. Even if you don’t know them yet, having faith that your future spouse will one day fulfill your hopes and expectations shows a wonderful commitment to Christ.

Real Letters For Future Husbands

A few young women have been gracious and open enough to have shared their own importance in the act of writing letters and journaling to their future spouse.

“I find so much value in writing to my future husband because it says in Proverbs 31:12, ‘she does him good and not evil all the days of her life.’ I can honor him and pour into our marriage before we even meet. I let him know how I’m specifically praying for him and what I’m learning from the Lord in that season. One day, I know he will feel loved by these letters reminding him that I’m praying for him, waiting for him, and saving myself for him. It also reaffirms my trust in the Lord that He is faithful and has every detail already scripted.” —Samantha Shepherd, 20, Tennessee

“Writing these letters to my future spouse is important for our relationship because the words arise from the rawest parts of my life that built me into the woman he will marry … like the time my best friend was killed in a car accident, or when I came back from Ukraine on my first mission trip, and when my mother passed away from cancer in 2010. I have written to him since I was 16, and these letters will take him back to those places he wasn’t a part of and reveal deeper heartbeats of the woman he has chosen to love.” —Amanda Jade, 23, Virginia

“I began writing letters to my future husband about four years ago. When I write, I imagine how much he will love cracking open the journal and seeing the pages full of him before I knew him. It puts me on cloud nine to re-read letters I’ve written and to think of my hopes for a best friend, an adventure buddy, the one who will know me more than anyone else on Earth. I’m a dreamer, so I love dreaming about what his dreams will be, and what we will do for the Lord. I pray he would be one to pull me out of my fears, even when I don’t want to. And I pray I do the same for him. ” —Jennie Kerns, Ohio

“My journey of writing to my husband started by the Lord’s prompting in 2012. I felt called to record my prayers for him in a journal, one that I will give to him on our wedding day. I believe that writing and praying for him is of utmost importance. It’s a way for me to stay accountable to the Lord by saving my heart for my husband. I have the sweet privilege of praying for the man I am going to submit to one day, the man who I will walk with alongside in this life, the man who will Father my children. I want that man to be firm in the Lord, leaning on His strength, and encouraged by my prayers for him. I read a quote somewhere once that said, ‘The way to love a man is to pray for him.’ Thus, my love story with my future husband has already begun.” —Sarah, 22, Nevada

Having Faith In God’s Plan

These women don’t know if he has brown hair or orange hair, if he enjoys his coffee black or sweet, or if he’s been through hell and back. But they all share a common thread that could easily be a lost art in one’s love life –and that is act of praying.

Miss Jade shares a wonderful prayer that will hopefully be woven into the souls of men, as they too, pray for their future wives. “As I go through my past letters, a common theme I have prayed over him is that He would be a bold man for the things of God: bold in loving others, bold in living selflessly and bold in risking his personal comfort for more of Jesus. A man who is bold is the kind of man I want to hold.”

What is a common theme you find yourself journaling or praying for in your future spouse? It’s good to hold fast to those things because God will not only honor them, but He will even go further.

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”Proverbs 31:10-11

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  1. I found this article what looks to be a while after it was written but it’s very encouraging. I have been writing to my future wife for a long time, and praying for her since I was saved in 2012. I thought maybe I was crazy, especially with all of the time that has passed avoiding temptation, trying to hold out for the godly wife and mother the Spirit told me was out there…I’m really glad I stumbled across this article! It would be amazing to find that The Lord had also had my future wife writing to me as well all this time, something I had never considered…
    My letters to her have definitely served to steer me back on course in times of trial or doubt or temptation, and have even served to renew my faith in general during times of spiritual dryness. I pray that one day they will bless my wife, and my children, when they see all God had done to put them on my heart long before I knew them.

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