Dear Suzie,

Why did you choose Ephesians? I love the study, but thought you might begin in one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Is there a particular theme you wanted us to grow in; is that why you chose it?


Dear friend,

I chose Ephesians after prayer, but to be honest, my goal isn’t to unpack a certain book in the Bible near as much as to show the power of reading and studying Scripture.

Whether it’s the Gospels, or the letters to Timothy, or the Book of Acts, or the Old Testament, my hope was that you would begin to experience the transformation that comes through God’s Word.

There’s hope within the pages. There’s teaching. There’s history. There’s knowledge. There’s the harder parts of our faith, like forgiving or changing our ways to embrace a God-shaped life.

So, no matter which book we might have been in, there’s life in each page. Even in the books like Leviticus where you might feel bogged down in the rules or Lamentations where we experience Solomon’s despair. Even within those pages, we learn what not to do, or what didn’t work so we can discover what does.

My prayer is that the nearly 3,000 who receive this three times a week, that there will be a spark of fire in their hearts for the Word, and that will translate into faith that goes deep and personal.

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