I had a profile on ChristianMingle for more than 12 months and enjoyed being able to chat with different and interesting men while trying to find the right man for me. In the beginning, I determined the special things that I was looking for and when a photo was available to view, it was even better. I couldn’t seem to connect with anyone where there wasn’t a photo. I always liked to factor in the ‘spark’ of attraction as part of my assessment of a great profile.

Rick had only just joined ChristianMingle when I sent him a message saying “Great profile, where’s your photo?” When his photo became available, I noticed and asked him to chat on October 29, 2012. We emailed back and forth for a few weeks before agreeing to meet for a “first date” dinner at my local, favorite restaurant. Because there is only an hour and a half between us, we have dated each weekend, going to the movies, going out for dinner, attending my church each Sunday, and having fun hanging out and getting to know each other.

Rick planned a special weekend at the coast where we enjoyed lunch at a revolving restaurant. He told me he was taking me out for dessert which ended up being dessert and wine on a gondola! It was a very romantic evening with the moon shining over the calm water. It was a definite blessing from God!

Later in our relationship, I was presented with a wooden box with the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ written inside the lid and decorated with roses, heart sprinkles and a ring box! It was so beautiful! I said “Yes” because I knew in my heart that he was the right man. God had told me ‘This is the man I want you to marry.’ How amazing is our God? He goes before us, connecting us and guiding us when we ask him.

We became engaged on that night, February 23rd and have now set a wedding date for June 15, 2013. Succeeding in finding a date when ‘all the planets are aligned’ is harder than you think, especially when considering adult children who already have plans in place. However, we have succeeded and have begun to plan our special day! We are excited about where God is leading us as a couple in our walk with Him and are looking forward to traveling, sharing family, grandchildren, worshipping, and following God together.

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