Gift giving for Christmas allows us to share our generosity with others, celebrate the birth of Jesus and come together in praise of the Lord. Many people ponder over the gifts they will give their family members, spouses, children and even service members like the mailman. 

However, someone who seems to be overlooked each Christmas is your pastor. It’s ironic that it is simple enough to think of getting your mailman a gift for Christmas and yet the person who helps with spiritual awareness can oftentimes be overlooked.

Your pastor is someone who bestows gifts year-round in the form of offering spiritual advice, preaching sermons to feed the soul and providing services to the community. 

Make sure your pastor is not forgotten on Christmas by giving a gift that he can really enjoy.
Show Tickets
Purchasing tickets to a show that your pastor can enjoy with the family can be a great way to cater to his life outside of church. Take into account your pastor’s likes, hobbies or the ages of his children to make the gift that much more special.
There are a number of great Christian books out in the market as well as new books being released each year. Give a book that has inspired you, something you feel your pastor would enjoy or something that might inspire future sermons.
The work of a pastor often includes research and journaling. A quality, leather-bound journal can make for a great gift for your pastor.
While a standard BIC pen can be found at any grocery store, a quality pen makes for a great gift. Choose a pen with good weight, in its own decorative holder and add engraving to make for a personal touch.
Spa Day
While a pastor’s work doesn’t consist of manual labor, the daily life of a pastor can often be quite stressful. Give the gift of a massage package to your pastor for a day of relaxation and a stress relief.
Many people enjoy sports; whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, hockey or golf. Find out what your pastor is interested in and what her favorite team is and choose a gift to cater to those specifics. This can come in the form of purchasing game tickets, a novelty themed collectible or even just a baseball cap.
Dining Out
Giving a restaurant gift card can be a great gift for your pastor because it can allow him to enjoy a day with his spouse. This can make a great date-night outing or something he can enjoy with family members at his leisure.
Personalizing a mug for your pastor can be done through a pottery store that provides paint or by adding a photo through your local Walgreens. Personalized mugs can hold sentimental value and often make great gifts.
The role of a pastor is more than the sermons and advice he gives to his parishioners. A pastor must follow the words he preaches, must uphold the values and morals he advises and inspire his congregation through his good works and deeds. This year, don’t overlook the many services provided by your pastor.
A Christmas gift for your pastor doesn’t necessarily need to consist of something that is overly expensive. A thoughtful gift that comes from the heart would mean much more to your pastor than a generic gift purchased at a big box store.

While you probably won’t be able to find a gift that will truly show your pastor just how much you appreciate her and her services, a gift that will show effort and thoughtfulness will really show your pastor that she has not been forgotten this Christmas.

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