This is the story of how adawnwood and christianICS met on CM and are now engaged.

I, Dawn, joined Christian Mingle On November 9, 2008 and was first contacted by Christian by a smile shortly thereafter. I was receiving a lot of smiles and mail and opened his smile and checked him out. I thought he was good looking, but he seemed “extreme” in his devotion to God. And while I am a believer and trust in Christ, it just seemed a bit “much” to me. So – I ignored it. After all, there were many interesting people on the site. He tells me that when I did not respond, he read my profile again and saw that I graduated from the same seminary that he did and is currently attending. THAT gave him something to write and ask me about, so he sent me mail on November 18th and I responded finding it interesting that he was at the same school.

This began our communication. But I was also communicating with two other men from CM and Christian was communicating with others as well. Christian’s side of this part of the story is that he was not having great success in communicating with women on CM. Let’s just say that he met some “interesting” women. He was about to cancel his membership when he stopped and prayed. After all, he believed God had finally wanted him to search for a life mate, but maybe CM was not the way He wanted him to do it. After praying, he said he looked up and there was my face. He said that he knew then that I was going to be the one. (I think that is the correct wording!)

Because of this, Christian was very patient in being put off on telephone calls and made to wait! Since he lives in Columbia, SC and I live in Jacksonville, FL, we decided to meet half-way in Savannah, GA for lunch. This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov 29). It went very well and I really enjoyed myself. But, since I planned something else that evening (yes with someone else from CM!!!), I only had 3 hours with him. Since I had told him I was communicating with two others, he called me after we left each other and asked if it was okay for him to pray, after praying for God’s will that the other two guys don’t work out. I told him that would be completely appropriate. I thought that was cute.

We continued to communicate and I began to see what an amazing man Christian is. We met again in Jacksonville the weekend of December 19th. The first night we went out, by the end of the evening, I told him that “I just don’t think we have enough in common.” He responded, “I believe opposites attract.” And sure enough, by the end of that weekend, I didn’t want him to leave!

I ended my communications with the other men and committed to working on this relationship with Christian. Everything with him was so God led that I can’t even explain it other than that. Every objection I tried to find, didn’t stand because God’s will cannot be thwarted!! Our lives and relationship are clear evidence and testimony to God’s redeeming power and that HE knows what we need and what we have really been searching for all these years. Christian is not the guy I would have chose for myself from a shelf of men, but I found out that God did a better job at picking one than I ever did!!! And I am so very grateful.

After daily communication and several visits back and forth, it was clear God wanted us together for good. Christian proposed to me almost immediately upon walking into my door on his visit to Jacksonville February 28th. There was no question that I said YES. There was no worry about how quickly we got engaged (3 months) because when it is of God and it is right, that doesn’t matter. Our wedding is planned for September 19th in Jacksonville. I believe my friends and family will cheer as I walk down the aisle to marry my Christian. All I can say is that God is good and I (we) look forward to what God is going to do in us, with us and through us. Thank you Christian Mingle and to God be all the glory!!!

Dawn and Christian

adawnwood & christianICS

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