I knew I wanted a Christian man in my life. I was ready to meet this wonderful person I prayed for and who was faithful and warm, but could handle the fact that I have children. I wanted a man who had been through divorce and understood that heartache, but never wanted to go through that again. I wanted a man with children, who understood just what kind of responsibility that entails for a parent.

I never met people before through the internet, but one day I came across ChristianMingle and signed up. What was nice about it was that you could let a person know a lot about you and let them know what you’re looking for and hopefully run across that special person with similar ideas and goals and wants and desires.

Dave came across my profile and on Thanksgiving 2008, requested to Instant Message me. At first I didn’t respond because he is slightly younger than me. But he read my every posted detail and knew we were VERY similar in many aspects. We did chat that night and met a few days later at Starbucks. When we had dinner and he asked if we could pray, I knew he was a man worth keeping! By day 3, I knew I wanted to marry Dave and a month later we did! He is everything I prayed for and more and I truly believe God had his hand in bringing us together!

Now between the two of us we have a happy full home of 6 children. When people tell me I have a good husband I say, “I know, I wasn’t letting him get away!” We have now been married only a year and a half, but it feels like we’ve know each other forever. I know we will share many wonderful adventures together. Thank you ChristianMingle for allowing me to meet such a wonderful man!

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