When single and entering the dating scene, people often adopt a negative perspective. Becoming jaded and viewing things as lackluster and disappointing is typical, if not expected. Phrases like “all the good ones are taken” are commonly uttered.

Unfortunately, this attitude is self-sabotaging. In fact, it threatens to manifest more lack than abundance when it comes love and romance.  In other words, if you focus on your fears and perceived lack of love, that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

The latter is the reason it is so important to take a positive perspective – one of gratitude and faith. Instead of seeing what is missing in your life or lacking in the dating scene, try to see the multitude of learning opportunities and new experiences offered to you. These are, after all, gifts from God and intended specifically for you.

Here’s how to gently remind yourself of the blessings the dating experience bring into your life.

Expand Your Horizons

Dating can truly expand your horizons in life, especially if you allow for diversity in your dating experience.

When you open your mind and heart to the various individuals you meet, you begin to see new opportunities. The numerous experiences you can have with individuals from different walks of life offer an invaluable chance to learn about the world around you and the one within.

Let Your Date Be Your Teacher

Each date you have is a potential teacher. Each individual that comes into your life, regardless of how brief their stay, is a mirror – a reflection of something you need to see about yourself or the world around you.

Embracing this opportunity to experience and learn from accurate reflections of who you are, unresolved issues that need to be addressed, healing or growing left to do, fears to release, etc. evolves your soul exponentially.

See Each Person as a Gift from God

Due to the aforementioned points, the individuals you encounter in the dating scene – even those who do not fall in the “dream date” category – is a blessing. Each one must therefore be seen as a gift from God. Because, no matter the outcome of the date or dating experience, the gift is in the mirror you were provided, the opportunity to see the reflection and the chances you are given to expand your heart and mind.

When you begin to view the dating scene as a wealth of potential for personal growth and spiritual evolution, your focus will shift. Your perspective will change from one of negativity (focusing on lack) to one of gratitude (focusing on abundance). When that happens, you begin to manifest more positive experiences and abundance of love and romance your way.

It’s the simple law of attraction; you attract to you that which you focus on and exhibit. So, focus your attention on the blessings God is sending in life and in love, and more will come your way.

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