Though it may sometimes seem as though the world is filled with people focused only on self-destruction and self-degradation, there is a growing number of individuals awakening, becoming more enlightened and therefore, set on just the opposite.

Many people are choosing to honor their body, mind and spirit in every aspect of their lives. As such, they are opting to wait to get into any sexual relationships until they are sure they’ve found the one. And, even more interesting, many who have been sexually active in the past are now choosing to wait for the same.

Of course, not all of this is based on religious beliefs. In many cases, it’s simply a result of holistic personal growth and/or choosing to practice self-care. But, whatever the case may be, there are certainly at least three valid reasons to consider with regard to the question, “To wait, or not to wait?”

Exploitation Nation

There is a very real occurrence of constant sexual exploitation in this country. We are inundated with messages that glorify self-degradation via movies, magazines, advertising and so on. These are constant attempts to normalize this very degrading and ultimately self-sabotaging experience.

The disturbing and negative energy this level of sexual exploitation is certainly bad enough. But it’s not the only issue.

Sexual exploitation, more often than not, involves the degradation and oppression of women. And, with regard to healing our world and returning it to a state of love and light, we need to heal and empower the maternal, nurturing and compassionate energy of the feminine.

Honoring ourselves keeps us from enabling or engaging the darkness around us or manifesting any within us.

Used And Abused

All too often, individuals in the dating scene find themselves victims of manipulation. Whether they rush into things and don’t take time to get to know a person, or simply get blinded by their emotions, the painful experience is the same. They end up feeling used and abused rather than loved and cherished.

When we realize we are worthy and love ourselves, we want to take our time with regard to sharing the deepest and most intimate parts of ourselves. We cherish and value our sacred space, and we do not throw caution to the wind, for we know our serenity is at stake.

We honor ourselves and set boundaries that require someone to either wait or walk. Setting these boundaries and honoring our sacred space ideally prevents us from being used and protects us from abusive situations.

Holy Holistic Health

Honoring the body, mind and spirit involves staying holistically healthy. As such, being sure the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual self are honored and cared for is key. That physical self includes the sexual, and it is tied to our spiritual selves.

For that reason, if we wish to maintain our overall well-being, we must respect and honor our bodies as sacred vessels and our minds and spirits as sacred space. Waiting until you find the one allows you to know your partner will honor and respect all of the above as the same.

There are certainly many other reasons one might have for wanting to wait, but these three are gentle reminders that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in sacred vessels. As such, we are merely in the world, not of it. And, for that reason, we should honor the light within us, not the world around us.

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