I first joined ChristianMingle because the town where I lived in Virginia was totally devoid of anyone my age, so dating prospects were nowhere to be found. I thought ChristianMingle would have people to talk to who were close to my age and that’s how, in July of 2009, I came across Thomas’s profile. We started chatting back and forth, but I was incredibly nervous. When we started talking on the phone, I remember that he just made me laugh and laugh! He lived in a county near my hometown in Tennessee, and little did he know, I was already set to move back to my hometown in five weeks. Soon, this wouldn’t be just ‘chatting it up’ on the computer anymore; I was about to be within driving distance of his house!

Once I moved back to Tennessee from Virginia, I was anxious to start the actual face-to-face dating again. Although I was nervous, Thomas was so patient and gave me a lot of grace those first months as I tried to figure out what I wanted out of life and in our relationship together. On Christmas Day 2011, a little over two years after our “mingling” had begun, he got down on one knee in his living room and asked me to marry him! We were married on June 21, 2012 and I cannot imagine my life without Thomas. He’s the greatest gift God has ever given to me. Thomas has taught me what it really means to love someone and every single day it gets better and better! The idea of dating on the Internet made me pretty wary at the beginning, and I was so picky about people that I didn’t think fit into my “box”. What I learned is that God busts boxes wide open and always gives us better gifts than we imagine for ourselves. Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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