Jordan and I met on Christian Mingle on July of 2011. I was browsing various profiles and decided to see the members that were from Philadelphia, since I had various friends who lived there.

Little did I know that I was about to meet my husband! God often pushes us beyond pragmatics. The minute I saw Jordan’s profile I was struck by the seriousness of his answers concerning his faith in the Lord. I thought I had nothing to lose, and so decided to contact him, even though he lived 50 miles away.

During two weeks, we sent lengthy emails back and forth and really connected in our beliefs and interests. After exchanging various emails, we decided to talk on the phone for the first time. Lengthy emails turned into lengthy telephone calls and we finally decided to meet half way in Princeton, NJ.

As Christians we often ask, what is God’s will for us? We saw that as we took this step of faith and put ourselves in a place to meet someone, God blessed that step with blazingly clear guidance as to who He had in mind for us. Our relationship developed so quickly because we knew we were meant to be together. We were engaged in October, married in November and had a big celebration with family and friends in May of this year. God moves fast and our relationship can certainly attest to that!

Jordan and I still get excited any time we see a ChristianMingle advertisement on the television. We are so glad in an age where dances and other ways of meeting are often obsolete, God provided this unique opportunity for us to find the love of our lives!

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