In November of 2007, I found a link to Christian Mingle through another website. I had been a member for a measly 2 days before finding jono_81. After filling out the questionnaire, the database said we were 100% compatible for each other (and it was right)!

We chatted for 4 months before I decided to make a surprise visit to meet him at his grandmother’s 75th birthday reunion in April of 2008 in Killarney, Manitoba! I visited once more in July of last year, secured a job at the hospital in Estevan, Saskatchewan, and made the ‘big move’ in August, and the rest is history.

Our engagement didn’t happen long after that – May ’09 to be exact, and we were married within 4 months…July 11, 2009! A perfect day to be joined forever with the man that God designed just for me!

It’s been an amazing journey over the past 2 years to bring the both of us together. Two Ontarians, who now both live in the prairies…who would have thought?!?

With the help of God (and this fabulous website), we have started our lives together as husband and wife. We highly recommend this website for those looking for a positive change in their love lives!

crazycj & jono_81

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