I grew up in New Jersey and Deryk is from Georgia.  Last winter, our friends convinced us to try ChristianMingle.  After joining, Deryk and I met in one of the site’s chat rooms. I had been defending my faith to an unbeliever and Deryk watched me from afar.  Deryk sent me a private message saying he was impressed. I took one look at his profile and thought to myself, “No way, God! Number one, he lives in Georgia and number two, I do not have what it takes to be a pastor’s wife” (famous last words).  Deryk and I soon began texting, calling, and having Skype dates. In April 2013, Deryk came to New Jersey to meet my friends and family.  We both knew that we had found, “the one.”  The last step was for me to visit Georgia to see if I could handle the bugs, heat, and country living.  I visited Georgia in July and knew it was meant to be! I was devastated about going home and having our relationship go back to being long distance.

Just two days before I was supposed to go leave, Deryk and I were serving and building a church when a teaching job literally fell into my lap!  We had been keeping an eye out, but there was no job within an hour of Deryk’s house. However, I was offered the job within four hours of hearing about the opening. I went home to New Jersey, packed up my life, and drove back to Georgia to start teaching the following week.

I lived with Deryk’s parents and we enjoyed dating and getting to know each other more and more! On December 9, 2013, Deryk proposed! We spent what felt like the longest four months planning our sweet little country wedding.  We made sure that God was the focus of our vows and our life. On April 12, 2014, I married my best friend, ministry partner, and spiritual leader. Thank you, ChristianMingle for making that possible!

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