She Said:

I was not interested in finding my mate on the internet, but living in a small town did leave me with a lot of options. For my 32nd birthday, my sister decided to give me a three month subscription to ChristianMingle (she knew I wouldn’t do it for myself).  She told me that everything was already set up, and that I just had to log-on and answer a few questions. Two weeks into my search, God led me to Andrew! We hit it off right away. We began emailing back and forth, which turned into texting, phone calls, and “the BIG MEET.”  Our first date was at the Melting Pot in Atlanta, which was half way for both of us.  We spent hours talking! Andrew said he knew by our second date that I was the one! I think I knew by the fourth or fifth date. We dated long distance for eight months before getting engaged. We had a five month long engagement and a destination beach wedding in Hilton Head on September 21, 2013. Soon after the wedding, we received the awesome news that we are expecting a baby girl in June. 

Andrew and I are very thankful for ChristianMingle and my sister, who paid my way!

My advice to people trying out ChristianMingle is that it’s all in God’s timing. You never know what will happen, so you have to just jump in and give it a try! 

He Said:
When I first saw Courtney’s picture (early one morning at work), her smile radiated. It was as if I could see right to her heart, and we soon began talking about the “conditions of people’s hearts.”   I told her it’s unfortunate (in some sense) because you end up having to make such a judgment call, strictly based on a photograph of someone.  I told her in an early email, “I wish you could see the condition of people’s hearts on here!”  After a week of emails and text messages, we had our first date.  I saw the condition of her heart immediately.  She is full of love, respect, grace, mercy, and trusts GOD so much so that she doesn’t expect me to ever take HIS place.  I knew by our second date that this was the women I was going to marry.  A little over a year later, we were standing at the beach in Hilton Head exchanging our vows.  We both have nephews and nieces (four boys and four girls) so it was a super cute wedding with them paired up, standing beside us.  Her 85 year old grandfather married us.  Both of my parents have passed away, but I believe they were smiling down upon us that day. 

We missed our exit going home the next day, so we just stayed the night in Savannah and let’s just say that two and a half weeks later we found out we might need to call our daughter Savannah!  I tell people all the time that HE has given his stamp of approval of our marriage by blessing us with a child this quickly.  We are naming our daughter Bowen (in honor of my mother).  ChristianMingle gave us an opportunity that nothing else could; Courtney and I lived two hours apart, and would have never met if it wasn’t for ChristianMingle. 


I would encourage anyone to step out on faith. God knows what he’s doing, and if it’s the right time, he’ll bring you together no matter what.

Thank you ChristianMingle! You have blessed and changed my life forever!

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