Wow what a couple of weeks. Lots of travel, lots of financial coaching, lots of many other things that aren’t all that interesting, lots of mom stuff. But in the past two weeks I’ve been able to celebrate a friend’s triumphant return home from the hospital after an unexpected open-heart surgery, got to reconnect with other dear friends who live too, too far away, and experienced wave upon wave of God’s tender grace and mercy, on others as well as for myself.

I’m about to hit the three-year mark here as New Life Church’s stewardship pastor, and with that milestone brings new chapters with the families I serve. Seeing families I met in my early days when they were in full-blown crisis now stabilized and asking how they can now use their experience to help others humbles me and reminds me daily what a great group of people call New Life home.

And it’s also a reminded that no matter what we walk through, it’s temporary. Better days are ahead. That’s God’s promise from His Word to you.

So just a reflective nudge of encouragement: God is here with you now. No matter how badly your storm is raging, take heart.

“Be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

Through sickness and debt, through separation from loved ones, through transitions you never planned for and hurts you wish you didn’t have to endure, He is here. Now. With you. Be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord. He is answering your prayers as the words fall from your lips. Just continue to have the courage to keep asking.

To see families who, just months ago, were on the brink of bankruptcy, divorce and despair say, “Whew! Ok, now how can we help?” renews my faith that our dark days are merely instructional phases, lessons hard learned so we can shoulder the burdens of others. Know that others have walked on the same journey you’re on and are ready to encourage you, coach you and cheer you on to victory.

Ask for help. Pray to God. Keep your chin up. Maintain your courage. Walk through your dark days well so you can look back and give praise for all the light He shined on your path. If it weren’t for the darkness, would we ever notice that Light?

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