When you find that person you’ve been looking for, the one you will commit to spending your life with, the celebration of love begins. From the engagement to the big day, there are butterflies and happy times; everyone is gearing up to celebrate the merging of two hearts into one.

But that merging doesn’t imply the end of you or the soul mission you arrived on this planet to achieve. And, for the record, to lose yourself and your life purpose to marriage will not only turn an otherwise joyous event into a sad day; it will sabotage your relationship, too.

As such, it is vital to maintain your identity, individuality and soul mission.

While we are all connected as God’s children, we each have our own unique purpose. You and your life partner are no exception. And, as such, it’s best to honor each other’s mission and let the light each of you possess to shine brighter as the two merge into one, rather than allowing one to snuff the other out.

Use the following tips to continue to evolve your soul up until and ever after the big day.

1. Constantly Seek Growth

Making sure you are always seeking ways to grow, heal and learn is an excellent way to continue to evolve your soul while in a marriage and avoid a personal rut. The manner in which you seek growth is up to you. Just be sure you continually pursue personal growth and spiritual evolution.

2. Cherish “You Time”

Marriages can sometimes leave both parties a bit lost in each other, rather than on the path of spiritual self-discovery. Spending time with yourself and continuing to nurture your own individuality also nurtures your spirit and allows your soul to continually evolve.

3. Keep Your Dreams Alive

Keeping the dreams and passions you’ve always had alive and discovering new ones is another wonderful way to avoid stagnation in a marriage. The process allows you to continue to grow spiritually, honoring the path God has planned for your soul.

4. Pursue with Passion

Pursuing those dreams with passion is key to evolving the soul and avoiding an individual rut in a marriage. Focus on keeping the fire burning within you, too, rather than just between the two of you.

5. Accept Every Challenge

Remember that nothing in life worth doing comes without risk or some degree of difficulty. That reminder is necessary for growth, and it keeps you willing to accept the challenges and learning opportunities that will no doubt come your way.

No growth happens in the comfort zone. In fact, God does the best work outside that comfort zone. Accept every challenge God sends your way and you will continue to evolve.

Employing these tips will prevent your wedding from becoming a funeral for your life purpose. In addition, it will help prevent your marriage and the passionate love that birthed it from dying, too. After all, your partner was drawn what makes you unique – dreams and soul mission included.

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