We were both coming off many years of long-term care for our failing spouses, who had both gone to be with the Lord. Lonely and longing for friendship, we both went on ChristianMingle around the first of March, seeking Christian companionship.  After a short time of considering other profiles, Glenn was attracted to me and made contact.  Though a great distance separated us, he told me he wished “Scottie could beam him up” to me so that we could get acquainted.  

We had hopes of finding someone within 50 miles of our homes but as it turned out, we ended up being more than 700 miles apart from one another! Despite the distance, our friendship became a serious relationship, if only by email.  Glenn then decided to fly up to Portland, staying in a motel for three days. While on the plane, he prayed and seriously wondered if he was doing the right thing. For the next three days, we toured the area, had several meals together, and got better acquainted. After Glenn returned to California, we emailed and phoned every day, our feelings for each other flourishing. 

In the first week of June, Glenn again ventured north to Oregon and asked me to marry him. My daughter was with me for a visit at the time and helped with plans for a small wedding ceremony in my living room! After meeting with a pastor that I knew, we were married with my daughter and son present along with some grandchildren and good friends on June 13, 2013. Sadly, because of the distance, Glenn’s family members were not able to attend, but all were happy for us!

This does appear to be a whirlwind romance but we both believe God’s hand was at work to bring us into a Christ-centered, loving relationship. He provided for us a loving companionship to fill the rest of our time in this world and we are truly blessed! We believe God is glorified through all these happenings as we give Him credit for bringing us together through ChristianMingle. 

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