Octavius Winslow [1808-1878] was a great devotional writer, and if you have never checked out his books Morning Thoughts or Evening Thoughts, I highly recommend them.

In this morning’s devotion, I read something I found particularly encouraging and thought I’d pass it along to you. Here’s an excerpt:

“God has amply provided for all the needs of the Christian journey. The Lord Jesus being the believer’s Way, all nourishment for the pilgrimage of the saints is laid up in Him. All supply of wisdom for the perplexing way, strength for the wearisome way, grace for the perilous way, and sympathy for the trying way, is in Jesus … All the love that is in God’s heart, grace that is in the Spirit’s nature, comfort that is in the Spirit’s tenderness, sanctifying truths, free invitations, and precious promises which cluster in the gospel of Christ, all are thy sacred nourishment provided for the journey to the mount of God. Listen to the voice of Jesus, saying to thee, ‘Come and dine.’” —Octavius Winslow, Morning Thoughts

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