At the end of April 2014, John was on the verge of cancelling his membership with ChristianMingle. He had been a member for quite some time and had met a few women through the site. Before shutting down his account, however, he wanted to search one last time… I had just became a new member right around that time and during the first week, I was already having fun getting “Smiles,” sending “Smiles,” and communicating with potential mates. I met some very nice guys on your site and I was continuing to line up more dates when John “found” me.

He wrote me through your website on a Monday.  I reviewed his profile and noted that we were 93% matched.  He was “blue,” I was “red;” however, he said I satisfied all the qualities he was looking for in a woman – especially that I don’t own pets because of my allergies.  I definitely wanted to meet him!  I didn’t find his profile picture attractive at first, but I liked what he wrote about himself and the answers to the questions. Come Friday, we had our first date.  He says now that since day one, he knew he wanted to marry me.  For me, I must have fallen in love with him on our first date because time stood still.  We shared our life stories throughout dinner and were the last ones to leave the restaurant at midnight.

Happily, it was “game over” for both of us.  We both cancelled our ChristianMingle memberships shortly after we met.  To this day, we are in awe of what God provided for us.  John asked me to be his wife seven weeks after our first meeting.  We were married in his church (which is now my home church) on 12/13/14 at 15:16 among our children, family and friends.

Our wedding colors were black and gold, but the real underlying theme was Jeremiah 29:11.  God had a plan for John and me, and with our hearts open and commitment strong, we accepted God’s blessings without reservation for hope and a happy future.

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