About 3 weeks into joining ChristianMingle, I received a smile invite from Christy. When I opened her profile and saw her picture, it caused me to say, “She’s beautiful, Lord!” Then, I prayed a sweet prayer, and God directed me to reply to her smile invite and start conversation. After a few email exchanges, I prayed again. “Lord, I am in love with her and want to marry her. Is this your perfect will, is she the one?” After several hours of prayer I heard him say, yes, that Christy would be my future wife. Within a few days we had our first date at a nearby restaurant.

She had arrived first and was sitting near the front door. When I entered, I immediately found a great table, took a seat, facing the front door, thinking I would see her enter. I looked down to check my phone and when I looked up, there was the most beautiful woman in the world, smiling down at me. Her hand was outstretched to greet me. I looked up and my spirit leaped and I said, “Oh my goodness, you’re lovelier in person than in your profile picture!” Then to myself I said, “I am in love with you already and want to marry you!” Of course, I didn’t share this thought out loud but it pulsed in my heart throughout the next five hours we spent together.

Now, our future is bright with love.  We are engaged and planning a premarital class at church to dig deeper into our relationship. The Lord is already working beautifully, giving us lots of green lights that we are meant for one another. We have 99.9% compatibility and enjoy the same percentage of favorite things to do. We know the Lord continues to bless us with purpose and joy in love.

We wanted to share this YES story with you to allow the Lord to bless you as much as He has with us. Without joining ChristianMingle on July 9th, none of this would have happened. Our lives since then have made a radically different turn than they were traveling. God is so sweet; His purpose on that day, I could never have imagined. It took some time to find my love Christy, but now we both enjoy retelling and revisiting the story of how we met!  We are happy with ChristianMingle, and hope more people can find the love of their lives that God plans for them.  We are grateful for a second chance for love, no matter the age.

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