I joined ChristianMingle in August 2012. After communicating with a few guys and sorting out how ChristianMingle worked, I started to actually search profiles and purposefully tried to send out 2 “Hello!” emails a day. I was playing my odds since the ‘matches’ component wasn’t really sending profiles with much info or photos. I sent one of these emails to Brian at end of October. Looking back, I’m not sure why since his profile was super short and I usually like a lot of words since I’m a writer. In retrospect, maybe it was his nice eyes or his words on a first date, “If she’s happy, I’m happy” that caught my attention.

On November 9th, I knew that my membership was up for renewal and since I wanted to cut back on my budget and hadn’t had any major communications going at the moment, I thought I would cancel my subscription the next day and return later. That next evening, Brian responded to my email! A couple of weeks later, we had our first phone call and then three days before Christmas, Brian and I had our first date after he traveled almost six hours to see me! Soon after, we had our first kiss!

On January 28th, Brian surprised himself and me by proposing! Although he had a Valentine’s proposal in mind, I was ecstatic and said yes! We set our wedding date for August 10, 2013. The facility is booked, the dress is bought, the coordinator is all set, and the rest will come! The cute thing about our story is that from November 10th to August 10th is 9 months! We both agree that it’s a perfect 9 months to bring this life to fruition!

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