My husband has been married and divorced twice. In both instances, his spouse was unfaithful. I have been married once. My husband left me with mounds of debt after opening up numerous accounts in my name without my knowledge and not paying on any of them. I had to declare bankruptcy.

Over the next 5 years, I went back and forth with online dating. I would activate my accounts, get frustrated, and deactivated them. In August of 2013, I was once again frustrated with online dating. I had gotten to a point where I was okay with being single. I understood that this was possibly where God wanted me to be and I was fine with that. I began logging onto all my online dating accounts and closing them down. When I logged onto ChristianMingle, I saw that I had a message from “Antitypical Guy.”  I looked at his profile and liked what I saw.  I debated on and prayed about whether to pay for a membership. I decided to do so.  I read the beautiful message that my future mate had sent me.

We began conversing and one of the first things that became clear to me was how important his relationship to Christ was to him.  This was so exciting to me, as having a relationship with Christ was a “non-negotiable” for me.

It took about three weeks for me to finally convince him that we should meet in person, and on a Thursday afternoon in late August, we met at a Chick-Fil-A.  Since that time, we have been virtually inseparable. We were engaged in October of 2013 and married on Valentine’s Day of 2014.

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