I often say “small world, Big God.” This was definitely the case when it came to our ChristianMingle dating experience. Aaron and I are so grateful, and praise God for using ChristianMingle as the resource that brought us together! We are convinced that it was exactly the means by which the Lord intended for us to meet and find His “best” for us in each other.

Having been a single Christian woman for years, many of my friends suggested online dating at one time or another. However, at that time, I did not agree it was for me. In August of 2013, I had been single for over 8 years. Still, I was not willing to compromise my faith in my dating life, or settle for less than God’s best for me, and I had full confidence and trust that the Lord faithfully had my best interests at heart, in dating, as well as in all other aspects of life. Then, in late 2013, I felt that there had been a release in my spirit to try online dating. Whatever had been holding me back from choosing to use this dating tool before, now felt lifted. I decided to give it a try.

In my first attempt, I tried a different online dating site that had been recommended to me by friends. Unfortunately, that resulted in a very unsuccessful and painful dating experience. After prayerful consideration of the lessons learned there, and with a heart that was still confident that God was leading me, I took the step of faith to try again. This time, I knew that my priority was to have my faith be the focal point of my online dating, as it was with the rest of my life, so I created my ChristianMingle profile in June 2014. Aaron was a single dad, with little time or means to explore dating options, but with a heart that desired to find the one that God had for him as well. So, at a family member’s urging, he signed up with ChristianMingle in July 2014.

Due to our work schedules, other commitments, and the distance, if not for ChristianMingle, we would most likely never have “met” otherwise. Also, interestingly enough, because of our profile search preference settings, we may not have ever encountered one another as a match, but through divine intervention, this wonderful, godly man’s profile came to my attention.  From a simple “smile,” our communication began on September 4, 2014. It took no longer than our first date later that month to know that we had found something more than special; we had found the one that we’d been searching for. (Incidentally, we love that on our first date we visited the waterfall where we’d later have some of our wedding photos taken).

Because we had both been married previously, with similar histories surrounding those marriages ending, we knew what we were looking for in our future spouse and who we would be willing to commit to in the covenant of marriage. Throughout the next few months, we had many heartfelt conversations, and spent much time in prayer, about our developing relationship, our faith, our dreams and our expectations.  On January 17, 2015, on a surprise, romantic, gorgeously moonlit, horse-drawn sleigh ride, Aaron proposed and I accepted!

We were married in April 2015; our wedding was described by our family and friends as one of the most God-honoring and beautiful ceremonies they have ever witnessed.  We were humbled by, and truly blessed, to enjoy an outpouring of love and joy from beloved friends and family at our wedding celebration. We remain forever grateful for the blessing of living in God’s restoration and hope… beauty from ashes that only He could provide! 

For Aaron and I, there is no doubt that God brought us together through ChristianMingle and was confirming all along the way that His blessing was upon our relationship.  Our ChristianMingle story was a wonderful experience that we share often, and we’d recommend it to anyone who is truly looking to find that special someone with whom to share their life, faith and love!

Thanks and blessings!

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