Our story began May 12, 2012 when Jeremy sent me a message on ChristianMingle.com. At first glance I disregarded him and had no plans of responding anytime soon. The next morning, I revisited his profile and decided to give him a shot. We messaged back and forth a bit and then exchanged phone numbers. The next few days consisted of ridiculous ‘Would You Rather’-type questions and, finally, a phone call.

The phone conversation wasn’t necessarily a smashing success. I was babysitting, so it was very hard to focus, and his tone was hard to gauge. I thought that maybe there wasn’t much of a connection, yet agreed to meet up the following evening, May 16, 2012. Jeremy had also confided in me a bit of his testimony and some of the tough experiences he had faced. When he was 19 years old he was in a car accident that caused the death of a couple of his friends which led to a 6 year prison sentence. I was so caught off-guard, but not willing to completely write him off.

I was working a shift at a coffee shop before our date and explained to my friend (who introduced me to ChristianMingle) that I was only meeting up with Jeremy to get it over with. I saw no true potential there and figured once the initial date was out of the way, we could both move on. And then I saw him…

He had recently injured his ankle playing softball and it melted my heart to see this giant of a man smiling at me from across the parking lot on crutches. I became slightly more nervous and as we walked into the sports bar, we joked at his inability to be chivalrous as I needed to open the doors for him. Our conversation was quirky but it was fluid. We giggled and probed and shared silly things with each other.

Over the next week and a half or so, Jeremy and I continued to talk on the phone and managed to squeeze in a couple more hang outs, until he told me we needed to talk. We all know that is never good. He was confused about some feelings for an ex and wanted time to work things out and although I had been remaining skeptical of our chemistry, I was pretty crushed. Ironically, he still wanted to call me for relationship advice. I appreciated him as a person and so I reluctantly complied. Little did he know that I was facing similar confusion with someone whom I had ended a relationship with not long before I met Jeremy, and once Jeremy had ‘ended’ things with me, I was looking into relocating to Alaska to start my life over and possibly work things out with my ex. Thankfully God sees the bigger picture and frequently uses our mistakes and rash decisions to redirect us.

Jeremy contacted me a couple of weeks later and explained he felt he had made a terrible mistake, and I knew in my heart that the changes I was pursuing in my life were wrong. We both decided to pick up where we left off; we just needed a mulligan.

July 1, 2012 we became ‘official’ and on July 3 we decided we were certainly not falling in love any time soon. That is, until August 11 when he told me he loved me, and then September 28 when he proposed. He came to visit me while I was working at the coffee shop and when I went out to greet him, a couple of my co-workers called my name behind me. When I turned around, each of them asked me, “Will you? Will you? Will you?” Confused, I turned around to find Jeremy on one knee holding a ring and he asked, “Will you be my wife?” I snatched up the ring before I could even say yes!

Our wedding date is February 9, 2013 and we could not be more excited! Every day God blows us away with how faithful He is in honoring our relationship. We have had tremendous support from friends and family on top of random financial blessings, and other details that have just seemed to fall into place.

I cannot imagine my life without him and am so thankful that God used ChristianMingle, a site that I had only joined out of curiosity to bring us together. Jeremy’s testimony is certainly one of God’s unending grace and mercy and He is using him through music and mentoring to reveal that. We never in a million years thought we would deserve to find the kind of love that we have found in each other. He is everything I am not and vice versa. We have both lived and experienced very different lives, and yet therein lies the beauty. We are so similar and yet so different but it works! He is my best friend and the completion of my soul.

Thank you, ChristianMingle, for being a conduit of the Spirit and bringing together Jeremy and I in a way I had originally thought to be unconventional and silly. Thankfully God sees the whole story!

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