The History Channel’s The Bible miniseries enjoyed wide critical acclaim and huge ratings success in 2013 by drawing in 13.1 million viewers for its first episode, which was the largest cable television audience at the time of its debut. The Emmy-nominated series became a gigantic faith-based creative endeavor that exposed viewers to Bible stories and teaching from Genesis to Revelation. While nothing on such a large scale is currently planned for 2014, here is a sampling of some of the Christian shows to watch out for this year.

The American Bible Challenge (GSN)

Hosts Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin are slated to return to helm season three of Game Show Network’s hit series, The American Bible Challenge. Nine episodes are currently ordered of the engaging trivia show in which contestants’ biblical knowledge is tested as they compete for a $100,000 prize to donate to charity. Premiere date is TBD.

Bulloch Family Ranch (UP)

The heartwarming unscripted reality series returns to UP in 2014 and continues to chronicle the adventures of Julie and Rusty Bulloch who are the proud “parents” of more than 30 kids. The Bullochs have followed a calling for over two decades, to take in troubled teens that may otherwise be in dire circumstances. Their mission is to give them a chance at a stable environment where they can hopefully plant their feet on the right path with the proper love and guidance. The Bulloch’s two biological children Brodie and Amanda, help their parents in their ongoing effort to make a positive difference and foster hope for the future in the lives of the teens and young adults they touch.

Heartland (UP)

The hit family drama follows the lives of the Bartlett family as they navigate new loves, old flames and life on the Heartland ranch. Season 7 begins in 2014 and stars Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Shawn Johnston and Michelle Morgan.

Preachers’ Daughters (LIFETIME)

Lifetime’s original reality series that sparked a lot of controversy in 2013 returns for a second season in 2014. Season one chronicled three pastors’ daughters and their families as the girls struggled to balance their faith, family expectations and teenage peer pressure. The lives and trials of Taylor Coleman, Kolby Koloff and Olivia Perry were documented in the hit first season, which spanned the country being filmed in Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana and California.

Ask God (JCTV)

This engaging reality series starts each installment by hitting the streets to ask people to ask God their deepest questions. The round table of experts then embarks on a discussion about God and some of these difficult questions. The end goal is not to provide all of the answers, but to at least invoke a dialogue on a variety of spiritual topics.

Building a Difference (JCTV)

This new documentary series showcases people, charities and organizations that are building a difference of the lives of those who are in desperate need. The groundbreaking series follows transformations that are made from these selfless efforts, as a means of inspiring viewers to go out and build a difference in their own communities.

G Rock (JCTV)

This popular fast-paced show pairs Hardcore, Hip Hop and Punk Rock music with a message set to extreme sports including skateboarding, rollerblading, snowboarding and more. Top extreme athletes and bands, including unsigned Christian bands, share testimonies about the ups and downs of their faith journey while pursuing sports and music endeavors.


The daily flagship Christian news program hosted by Gordon P. Robertson features live celebrity guests, news, testimonies, Christian music and ministry. The enduring, informative and inspirational series debuted in 1966 with Pat Robertson as its inaugural host. With nearly five decades of programming under its belt, The 700 Club is one of the longest-running shows in television broadcast history. Investigative news reports are led by Lee Webb, CBN news anchor.

Hour of Power (TBN)                       

This long-running weekly worship series is also known as “America’s Television Church” and is broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in California. It is currently hosted by Dr. Robert (Bobby) Schuller and features an hour long broadcast featuring Christian music and a choir, and guest speakers who talk about God and how Christian beliefs and faith has impacted their lives.

Mickey’s Farm (SMILE OF A CHILD/TBN)

This animated children’s series is currently airing its fourth season on TBN’s Smile of a Child Network and the fifth season is in production. The lively features the lovable city dog Mickey, who moves to the farm with his friend Megan. Mickey is pretty adventurous and sometimes gets into some trouble. He has to work together with friends to resolve his problem and learn a valuable lesson along the way.

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