chrissy-and-jacob-03How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Our story started when Jacob sent me a message. I remember looking at his profile over and over saying to myself, “There is something about him, but should I respond or do I wait?” My husband had recently passed several months before, and I was bored one day and joined just to pass the time. I honestly wanted to see if “Mama still had it” and find out if God going to allow another man in my life. Was this my story as far as love goes or was there more to be written with another?

Our compatibility was rated at 86% and the stuff we had in common just from his profile made me finally respond back – best decision I ever made! Not only did we talk and talk, but we found out that we had more and more in common to the point that it was actually scaring both of us. At one point, we both typed our response at the same time to make sure we weren’t just saying things just to say the same responses. Little did we know we had more and more in common and our likes and beliefs were the same.

Our first date was January 11, 2015. Our plan was to meet for coffee and that was it. Well, we ended up going bowling then to dinner and a movie. It was a perfect night. We both just recently went through some stuff, him a divorce and me the loss of my children’s father, around the same time of each other. We ended up talking more and more and soon our dates were more frequent. We had our first date with our children (his and mine) about two months after we met. We went to a trampoline park and let me tell you, the girls (yes, all girls) got along just as well as Jacob and I.

Our relationship just took off from there and to this day, we are as happy as can be! All six of us together act and live like we’ve known each other our whole lives, and it’s such a blessing from God. Jacob and I always tell each other God is writing our story and we love it. Over time, we found out that we have always been close to one another. He lived in a small town when I did, one of his relatives bought a car from my brother’s small dealership here in town, he was five minutes away from where we both lived at that point and if I would have taken one job that was offered to me, I would have been his oldest daughter’s daycare provider. God wasn’t ready for us to meet yet even all those years we were within reach of one another.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!chrissy-and-jacob-01
I knew the moment we met face to face that there was something about him, and I fell head over heels that night for him, although I was scared to admit that instant love feeling.

One weekend, he went away to his parents’ and he called me on the way back saying, “I have to see you. I’m almost home, going to go get the girls and come see you.” When he got here, he pulled me out to the garage and told me he loved me for the very first time. It was so romantic and beautiful. From there, our love, our family and our memories we were making have just grew and grew into this beautiful relationship that God has given us. We feel like we were made for each other in the time when God was ready for us to be together when we both were at bottom and needed each other to pull each other up!

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Try it! You never know what God has planned for you, even in a time you wouldn’t expect. Do something different and go outside your comfort zone. When God is ready, he will open the door!

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  1. Correction. Our first date was 01/11/2016 and as of July 20th 2017 we are now engaged and so happy!! ••••Chrissy

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