One night, I reluctantly began searching ChristianMingle. Previously, I tried other dating sites but wasn’t happy with those experiences. I thought I was just answering questions to search the area, but much to my surprise, I was creating a profile! I searched a few profiles but ended the online session in just a few minutes.

Very soon after, Greg sent me an email but I didn’t log back into the system and check my emails until a couple of days later. I loved the email he sent to me; the way he spoke was very interesting. I viewed his profile and the words he used were clearly from a thoughtful, confident, and Godly man. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t reply to him until I paid for a membership. I entered my payment information for a 1 month membership, drafted the response email, and sent it to him within an hour after I became an active member.

Upon the receipt of my email, he called me. We talked for more than four hours that day.  During the next few days we talked several hours a day! Due to work obligations, we couldn’t meet up but finally, we met face to face! Every hope that we had through the course of our discussions began to manifest on the day that we met.  On July 23rd, 53 days later, Greg proposed! I said yes and we’re planning for a wedding on March 22, 2014! He that finds a wife finds a good thing. I’m his good thing and he’s my God-sent husband!

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