My name is Cheryl and I met my husband Darryl on ChristianMingle.

 I had been divorced for several years and was working two jobs as a single mom.  My schedule did not allow extra time for dating, but after a lot of contemplation and prodding from my family, I decided to join eHarmony.  I had never wanted to try online dating and had always thought that I would meet someone organically.  However, the avenues of meeting someone through friends and church were never fruitful.

After investing hours filling out my eHarmony profile, I uploaded it.  Within just three days, I was bombarded with matches. The high volume of matches completely overwhelmed me and I decided to shut down my profile.  During those three days, Darryl and I were matched.  I had no idea that Darryl messaged me because I had closed my eHarmony account. Fast forward three years.  I was still single and still had not met anyone organically.   I saw an ad on TV for ChristianMingle and decided to give online dating one last try.

I had been a Christian since childhood and have a close relationship with God.  When I joined ChristianMingle, I decided to take a different approach to online dating and chose to leave the process in God’s Hands.  I prayed before filling out my profile.  This time, I was at peace and trusted that God would do the work.  Two weeks later, I was matched with Darryl again.  This time, I sent him a message!  Darryl laughed to himself because as he viewed my message, pictures and profile, he remembered me as the girl who ‘blew him off’ on eHarmony three years prior.  He took a chance anyway and we had our first date on September 10, 2011, and were married on June 22, 2013!

Since Darryl and I were matched twice on two different sites in three years, I would say it was meant to be!  Thank you for making it possible for me to meet my knight in shining armor. Your website is so much less intimidating than the other sites, no matter how successful they claim to be. God has a plan and purpose for all of us (Jeremiah 29:11) and I believe in my heart of hearts that Darryl and I were brought together for such a time as this. Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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