Egg-cellent Idea!

One of the most common (and fun) ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate Easter eggs. Many people use store bought kits to decorate their eggs, but there are plenty of other ways to give your Easter eggs a little egg-citement!

Get Creative Easter Egg Ideas

Easter’s Symbolism

From the Easter eggs we decorate to the symbol of the cross itself, Easter is rife with symbolism. Many of our most cherished traditions and stories surrounding Easter Sunday have been around for centuries, and while we may not think about them as much more than fun family traditions, there is much more to these customs than meets the eye! Learn about the symbolism behind the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and more!

Discover The Symbolism of Easter

Easter’s History

Easter is one of the the single most important days for the Christian faith, for it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Savior… and a very special time for children to learn the story of the resurrection, Get a complete history lesson on the story of Easter and share in the wonder of the resurrection!

Learn Easter History Facts

Dealing with Easter’s Commercialism

Because we love celebrating the joyous occasion of Easter, we sometimes get caught up with the holiday fun when we focus on things like buying a new Easter outfit, or filling our Easter baskets with sweets! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the commercial side of this holy day, try focusing on the reason for Easter instead! It won’t always be easy, but here are our favorite ways to resist the commercialization of Easter!

Easter On A Deeper Level

Easter Dinner Made Easy!

There’s nothing better than enjoying an Easter feast with your friends, family and those you hold dearest! From a sweet springtime salad to a mouthwatering baked ham, we’ve got several recipes to make all of your loved ones squeal with delight!

Divine Easter Recipes

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