God is full of surprises when you believe and trust in Him.   Loneliness is something that God really does care about.  I became a widow after 45 years of marriage, and became very depressed.  After a year, I had a choice to make; either give up or continue to live because I believed that if God let me stay on this earth, He had something for me to do with my life.  I joined ChristianMingle in February of 2013, to find someone that believed in God and shared similar values and interests.  I read profiles and kept passing up the ones that lived too far away and didn’t have a picture.  However, the more I passed this one profile up, the more I came back to it. I finally sent her a note.  Later, I found out that she also kept passing my profile up.  Finally, she responded.  I kept asking for a picture and she kept saying no.  We sent little notes to each other for a while. I wanted to hear her voice, since I did not have a picture.  I began to call her my “invisible woman” and I sent her my telephone number.  I’m sure she called feeling very cautious.  In a short time, we found out how compatible we were, and talked three times a day for a month like teenagers (I am 69 and she is 68). However, I still had no idea what she looked like.  I told her I was more interested in what a person has on the inside than on the outside.  We became friends on Facebook, and I just knew that I would finally get to see what she looked like.  Well, she only had one picture taken with several friends that was three years old.  Finally, I just had to meet my “invisible woman” face-to-face, so I drove two hours to meet her.  I brought her flowers and a gift.  I knew I would like her because of our conversations, and when I saw her, all I could think was “wow.”  She was everything I wanted.  We knew God had put us together.  In a Chinese restaurant, we shared more of our life stories, good and bad. God has blessed us with a strong, loving relationship. We got engaged in September. We got married on December 29, 2013, on a Carnival cruise ship and sailed into a new life for the New Year.  We keep God as the head of our lives and thank Him every day, and thank ChristianMingle for bringing us together.

Our advice to ChristianMingle members is to first trust God.  Be honest with your profiles.  Keep communication wide open.  Don’t be quick to judge.  Remember, everybody has something in their past that would make you cry.  Don’t be afraid to share your story, in God’s timing. 

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