I was a 50-year-old, single-again, dad, who thought he was content in life, but found himself lonely over a year ago. I decided to jump on ChristianMingle because I knew I would only want a Christian wife, IF I would ever get married again.

On June 15 of 2014, I sent Carrie a cheesy ‘Smile,’ for one because she was out of my preferred “distance” and two because I was tired of trying, tired of meeting new people. Carrie responded to the cheesy Smile. For me, I disliked the Smiles. I thought they were/are too impersonal. Carrie liked the Smiles though. She thought it was a way to get your attention without any responsibility of responding. I am so grateful that for some reason, maybe God in His mercy or Carrie in her graciousness, a connection via ChristianMingle introduced us.

Two weeks and two days ago, we were married. We are both midlife, so maybe some maturity walks with us, however, we both have commented that this second time around is so natural. It is, as if, we have always been together. We are not foolish, nor blind, we realize that frustrations will and have come, but with God as our guide and respect as our guardian, we are confident of what God will do through and with us. As our minister said at our wedding, “We are grateful that God… and the Internet… brought Scot and Carrie together.”

And we are very grateful, indebted even, to ChristianMingle.com.

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