Carole had been on ChristianMingle for about a month and she sent me a “smile” on August 20, 2012. I had been on the site for about a year and replied the same day. Our profiles said we were a 100% match! We emailed each other for about two weeks and had our first phone conversation on September 4th, which lasted an hour.

Because I was going to Greece for two weeks in early September and Carole had a trip planned to Omaha to see her kids, we made plans for our first date during a two hour phone conversation. Our first date was October 1, 2012 at a restaurant about halfway between our two towns.

When we met each other, there was a strong chemistry between us and we talked for four hours at dinner until the place closed! Our many similar interests, personality makeups, and a strong desire to share our faith, led to our decision to get married on September 21, 2013. This was eleven months after a beautiful, auburn- haired, blue-eyed lady smiled at me!

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