I signed onto ChristianMingle and just two weeks later, God introduced me to Carmen! Come to find out, she only had three weeks left on her account when we first made contact. I did a quick search of potential matches and viewed Carmen’s profile but due to the great distance between us (she lived in Miami, FL and I lived in Rochester, MN), and her beauty, I felt I had no chance and moved on.

After Carmen saw my profile on her homepage and liked what she saw, she decided to send me a note of encouragement. Thus began a friendship that blossomed into a match made in heaven… literally! After 7 weeks of communication and prayer, I decided to make the long journey to Florida to meet my new interest. We had gotten to know each other from the inside out over those 7 weeks on ChristianMingle and so when we first met in person, there was a sense of knowing each other already.  

After just 7 short days together, we knew God’s hand was leading and we had found our perfect match! Twenty four days later, Carmen came to Minnesota. I asked her how she felt about heights and if she was up for climbing to the top of a 100 foot fire-watch tower. She was game. On our 600 step climb to the tower, we passed a step reading “Wendi, will you marry me?  G.G 5/2011.” Carmen commented on what a sweet surprise this gal Wendi would have next month when she made this exact same climb. Little did she know the surprise of a lifetime that awaited her at the top of this climb!

After reaching the 600th step we then proceeded to climb another 150 steep little steps to the top of the tower. All I could think about was not dropping the ring 100 feet down! There, as close to God as we could physically get and surrounded by the beauty of His creation, I asked her to be my wife! She said YES! She cried, we prayed together, and the rest is history. We have both been waiting a long time for God’s match for each of us and now we will be married on December 10th of this year in Miami, FL, just 10 months after meeting on the site. Thank you ChristianMingle!

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