Dr. Dobson has been inspiring Christians for over three decades. His message? Lead our families as Christ led the church: through discipline, tenacity, strength and love.

In his ground breaking new book, Your Legacy, The Greatest Gift, Dobson focuses on winning your children and others over to Christ.

Along with his book is a 9-DVD series to show at your church.

In his words, Dobson writes,

Several years ago, I began working on the most ambitious and challenging project of my professional career, which has now spanned more than 44 years. After writing dozens of books and producing numerous films and videos to strengthen familites, and after airing more than 8,000 radio broadcasts on subjects related to marriage, parenting and righteousness, the Lord began leading me to give voice to what I believe to be the most important message I have ever addressed. Indeed, I see this work as “the capstone” or the culmination for everything that has gone before. That assignment has now been completed and a new book and video series are about to be released.

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