Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, High Hopes, debuted Jan. 14, 2014. In this 18th studio album, Springsteen releases songs from previous recording sessions, unreleased studio projects and versions of songs once only performed live in concert. 

High Hopes is an anthology of Bruce Springsteen’s artistic growth saturated with the complex and moving lyrics that added to his fame. The rich guttural baritone vocals and musical talent of Springsteen and The E Street Band deliver powerful, moving music that lives up to The Boss’s standards. You will be moved, delighted and encouraged by the depth of the sound and vocals presented in this album.

“Give me help, give me peace, give me soul and not a fearless sleep,” “High Hopes” is a cover song first recorded by The Havalinas and chosen by Springsteen in 1995. Springsteen flavors the song with his brand of minor cords and well-constructed musical flow and resonates with his gritty baritone vocal style that brings this once obscure song to heights that reach the heart and offer encouragement in a fallen world.

Additional cover songs include “Just Like Fire Would,” a song by Brisbane’s punk legends The Saints, and “Dream Baby Dream” by Suicide. Again, Bruce Springsteen’s renditions bring classic rock, style and composure to songs that could not stand the test of time.


The outtakes contained in the High Hopes collection echo music previously released. “Harry’s Place” was recorded in 2002 during sessions for the album The Rising. Springsteen omitted this song because it was similar to other recordings on the album. “Down in the Hole,” also from The Rising’s recording sessions, was included in High Hopes because of the strength of vocals and the organ solo by the late Danny Federici. “Heaven’s Wall,” with its composed choral vocals and direct biblical lyrics, was from a gospel project Springsteen never released. “Hunter of Invisible” is a ballad filled with biblical imagery.

Only Live

American Skin (41 Shots)” written in 2000 in response to the Amadou Diallo shooting in New York City; “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” first introduced onstage in 2008 with guitarist Tom Morello; and “The Wall,” debuted live in 2003 and performed again in 2005, are newly recorded studio versions. 

Previously unrecorded

“Frankie Fell In Love” is a witty, funny tune highlighting the awesome feeling of new love. Also debuting is “This is Your Sword,” a medieval ballad using scenes from the movie Braveheart. This song is more a battle song for Christians as it echoes the challenge to live well in a fallen world.

This Is Your Sword-lyric sample

At times there are dark, dark must cover the earth
This world’s filled with the beauty of God’s work
Hold tight to your brawn, stay righteous, stay strong
When the days of miracles will come along

Now this is your sword, this is your shield
This is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go
And give all the love that you have in your soul

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