I had wanted to try online dating for a while and December 2011 was the perfect time to start because I was settled into my apartment, my job, and my church. While I had tried to find someone to date at church, in the end I’m so glad it didn’t work out! I decided to try ChristianMingle.com because E-harmony was just too complicated. As a member of ChristianMingle, you get these daily emails giving you the profile of someone who is a similar match to you. I wish I saved the email I got about Andrew’s profile but didn’t think about it at the time because I had no clue I was going to find THE ONE!

When I got the email that said “Ajorians may be the perfect match for you!”, I clicked on the link and went to his profile. I thought he was quite adorable but I’ll be the first to admit the photos on online dating profiles aren’t that great of quality. What really caught my eye was Andrew’s idea of a first date; he wanted to go paint pottery. Now I’m not an artist but I was glad to find a guy that didn’t resort to dinner and a movie as their idea of a first date. I decided I’d try and contact him and then emailed him through the website. He responded and we did emails and phone calls (2 hour conversations each night) over the next month.

As we got into January, we realized we were both comfortable enough to think about meeting in person. We decided to meet at my friend’s home church because it was a neutral place to meet and neither of us had any people we really knew there because my friends were out of town. Also, the church was a place where both of us felt safe to ask for help if something went wrong. The day came and as I drove from my apartment to the church, I had butterflies the entire way. I wasn’t nervous in a bad way; I was more nervous/excited because I felt like I already knew Andrew from all the emails and phone calls we had exchanged. I sat down in the sanctuary and waited, looking around to make sure I hadn’t walked past him. A few minutes passed and I saw him enter the sanctuary. I was lucky enough to get a good look at him before he saw me because he walked around for a few minutes looking for me and I kind of enjoyed watching him search. Finally, he spotted me after I waved him down. We hugged and had our first date.

Seven months later we are engaged to be married! Our wedding date is October 5, 2013! Thank you, ChristianMingle, for helping me find my Prince Charming.

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