We say we want change, we want to get healthy, until we realize that most often God’s method for bringing that healing or change is not comfortable to us!

I have been reading the story where Jesus spits in the mud and heals the blind man … It’s a POWERFUL story that I believe has some profound truth. You can read it fast: John 9:1-7.

From the very beginning of this story I noticed something that is 100 percent true about all of us… When life is not going the way we like, how we would plan or causing struggle, we tend to blame someone or something else. We look for an explanation and a reason. That is human nature. We are trying to find out because we want to control life, and be sure we prevent things from happening.

Jesus says something VERY profound… Struggle, often, is not a matter of fault or reason. It has a much deeper and more meaningful purpose. It is in our struggle and trial we have the opportunity to see what God wants to do. It is a chance to ask, what potential is there for God to do something great! This is a perspective shift … and it changes things!

Unfortunately, the way God works is most often not the way we would work. And, even more often God’s ways are unorthodox and even uncomfortable. God wants to bring you through your struggle, He wants to see you triumph. But, the manner in which He often does it, will make you uncomfortable.

Have you ever noticed that just before your greatest breakthrough, life seems to get messier and more uncomfortable? How do you think the blind man felt when the “healer” spit enough saliva into the dust to make mud and then wiped it on his eyes? If we knew that was the method of choice, most of us would run away. But, it was through the mess and discomfort that God brought healing.

I’m not sure what you’re walking through. I am not sure how tough life has been for you. But, don’t run away from what God can do, or is doing, just because it is messy and uncomfortable. Don’t let your comfort level keep you from God’s healing and greatest blessings.

Like the blind man, in time you will be able to wash away the mess and there is healing on the other side!

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